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Flue Pipes - UK, Vitreous Matt Black, HTS, Insulated, Stainless Steel, by Midtherm,

Flue Pipes by Midtherm UK in Vitreous Matt Black and HTS Insulated Stainless Steel

Midtherm UK's South Wales stockist for their products is ourselves the Stove Depot in Swansea and we are proud to be appointed as Midtherm's main stockist

We deliver flue pipes and stove pipe fittings all over the UK and we are always happy to offer help and advice to all customers.

When choosing a flue system please take into consideration the thickness and quality of the pipes you are purchasing. It is all to easy to buy the cheapest system out there and live to regret it later when you realise the cost of paying a fitter is the same! whether you buy a decent Midtherm UK system or a cheaper inferior one.

At Stove Depot Swansea we have hundreds of Midtherm products available for immediate despatch and most will be delivered next day.

Please view our Stove Depot Homepage website where you can purchase Midtherm UK products online.

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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Considerations When Buying a Wood-Burning or Multi-Fuel Stove

Considerations When Buying a Multi-Fuel Stove or Woodburner

Wood-Burning and multifuel stoves are becoming more popular these days due to the ever increasing cost of energy in general.

Purchasing a cast iron stove is a big investment and a point that is often overlooked is that it will cost you the same for a fitted flue installation irrespective of what quality stove you use.

So before you jump in and think I will save myself money and buy a cheaper stove remember what's above it costs you the same!

At Stove Depot we only stock quality brands, as we have noted many customers buying low end cheap imported stoves only to call in to buy flues off us, they then see the decent stoves and end up buying one.

When you buy a decent wood burning or multifuel fire you are guaranteed great after sales service with parts availability for many years to come! If you buy a cheap imported one? what happens when you need spares? it is very easy to break a glass window for instance or damage the stove lining material.

Q/. What size stove do I require for my room?

A/. There are many stove calculators available on the internet and here is a link to one provided       by Dunsley Heat Yorkshire who manufacture the excellent range of Highlander multif-fuel 
      stoves: Heat Calculator 

Q/. Stove efficiency?

A/.  UK building regulations set a minimum efficiency level for all new heating appliances which        is measured by an appliances ability to extract heat from a fuel and to deliver it into a living        area as useful heat. The minimum efficiency requirement for a dry stove is 65% without a
       boiler and 67% with one. However quality stoves are usually in the 75% + range.

Q/.  Wood fired or multi-fuel?

A/.  A wood fired stove is designed to run on wood only although there are now some  
      composite fuels that are suitable for woodburners. Multifuel stoves can run on either solid 
      fuel or wood. If using wood remember you should only used seasoned logs!

Q/. Defra approved (for smoke free zones)?

A/. You must use a Defra approved stove in a smoke control area if you are using firewood or
      non- authorised fuels. Non exempt stoves are restricted to using only authorised smokeless       fuels in these areas. 

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Friday, 22 November 2013

Wood Stoves and Flues, Hetas Installers in Swansea, Flue Pipe Systems,

Hetas Fitters

Wood-Burning stove fitters in Swansea are available at the Stove Depot where we can provide contact details at the link     STOVE FITTERS SWANSEA

The fitters are not directly employed by the Stove Depot however between them they have fitted hundreds of stoves and flue systems supplied by ourselves

The benefit of choosing your own fitter is that companies like ourselves can not add on additional costs by making a profit on the stove fitment

This is why so many customers choose the Stove Depot for their cast iron woodburning stove and flue systems.

At the Stove Depot you can choose from top manufacturers like Jotul, Dunsley Heat, Morso, Burley, Esse plus many others.

If you want a price from a Hetas qualified fitter please use the contacts form and we will forward your enquiry to the fitter of your choice. 

If you require a Swansea chimney sweep then please use the same contact forms.

Please choose a link below

Highlander Dunsley Stoves Multifuel Cast Iron and Steel Construction

Dunsley Highlander 3kw, 5kw, 7kw, 8kw, 10kw, Multifuel Stoves

We at the Stove Depot in Swansea are proud to be Dunsley Heats appointed dealer for Highlander mult-fuel stoves in Swansea and South West Wales.

 Dunsley Highlander Stoves

Dunsley Highlander stoves are a quality product and will offer customers years of trouble free service and indeed are a well respected brand which are manufactured in Yorkshire.

The Highlander stove has an airwash system which gives a Clearview of the flame pattern through a nice large window and is a best selling stove. Whether you live in the Town and or Country the Dunsley Highlander has a place in every home.

The door is cast iron and the body is pressed steel which affords it tighter clearances in your fireplace, and we at the Stove Depot highly recommend them.

View Dunsley Stoves at the Stove Depot Swansea

We offer the best deal on Dunsley Stoves and deliver countrywide

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Stove Depot - Jotul, Woodburning, Multi Fuel, Cast Iron Stoves, Classic, and Contemporary,

 Jotul Stoves at The Stove Depot in Swansea South Wales

Jotul Woodburning Stoves

Stove Depot at Hancock & Brown in Swansea South Wales are proud to be appointed as the main dealer for Jotul quality products in Swansea South Wales.

 Jotul F100 Stove

We have many Jotul wood and multifuel cast iron burners on display which can be viewed plus we offer customers advice on the right Jotul woodburning stove.

Jotul are recognized as a leading brand in stove manufacture and the stoves are well proven and we have many satisfied customers who have installed them.

Whether you are seeking to purchase a traditional or contemporary stove Jotul have designs to suit all tastes, and the robustness and build quality will provide many years of trouble free service.

Please vist our STOVE DEPOT site for complete information 

We will offer you the lowest price and best customer service 

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Friday, 15 November 2013

Flue Chimney Stove Pipes by Midtherm UK, England, Scotland, Wales

 Flue Pipes Delivered to Birmingham, London, Bristol, Glasgow,

 Flue Pipes, Stove Pipes, Chimney Pipes, England, Scotland, Wales,

We carry the complete range of Midtherm flue pipes for your woodburning stove or multifuel appliance. The chimney flue pipes are available in Vitrelux which is a vitreous matt black finished flue system, or HTS insulated stainless steel pipes and fittings.

Midtherm are UK manufactured and you can buy with the confidence of knowing that the flue system you order will last for many many trouble free years.

The Stove Depot has huge stocks of Midtherm products which are available for immediate despatch to all areas of the UK mainland.

Please consider that the fitting of a woodburning multifuel stove is generally a big investment so investing in quality long lasting pipes is a wise decision.

To discuss your requirements please contact The Stove Depot Tel: 01792 472692

ACR Earlswood Woodburning Stoves Now Back In Stock In Swansea's Stove Depot

Stove Depot Swansea

ACR Earlswood stoves are now back in stock, this Defra approved multifuel stove is approved for use in smoke control areas.

View the range of ACR stoves Defra Approved ACR multifuel stoves

ACR Heat Products have used their 25 years worth of stove knowledge and have now designed and produced their own range of multifuel stoves. ACR have moved forward into the multifuel stove market with the launch of their excellent quality Earlswood, Earlswood LS Hopwood and Astwood stoves.  All of these models are DEFRA approved which allows you to burn wood in smoke controlled areas

 ACR Earlswood Quality Multifuel Stove

We deliver ACR Earlswood multifuel stoves and Midtherm flue pipes to Bath, Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol, Cardiff, Carlisle, Chester, Coventry, Cowbridge, Derby, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Gloucester, Hull, Leeds, Leicester, Lincoln, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Norwich, Oxford, Plymouth, Sheffield, Southampton, Swansea, Sunderland, York, & every county of, England, Scotland, Wales, usually by the next day.

We carry a vast stock of woodburning stoves and flue pipe systems by Midtherm UK.

Opening Times: Monday to Friday 7.30am to 4.30pm / Saturday 7.30am to 12pm

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