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Considerations When Buying a Wood-Burning or Multi-Fuel Stove

Considerations When Buying a Multi-Fuel Stove or Woodburner

Wood-Burning and multifuel stoves are becoming more popular these days due to the ever increasing cost of energy in general.

Purchasing a cast iron stove is a big investment and a point that is often overlooked is that it will cost you the same for a fitted flue installation irrespective of what quality stove you use.

So before you jump in and think I will save myself money and buy a cheaper stove remember what's above it costs you the same!

At Stove Depot we only stock quality brands, as we have noted many customers buying low end cheap imported stoves only to call in to buy flues off us, they then see the decent stoves and end up buying one.

When you buy a decent wood burning or multifuel fire you are guaranteed great after sales service with parts availability for many years to come! If you buy a cheap imported one? what happens when you need spares? it is very easy to break a glass window for instance or damage the stove lining material.

Q/. What size stove do I require for my room?

A/. There are many stove calculators available on the internet and here is a link to one provided       by Dunsley Heat Yorkshire who manufacture the excellent range of Highlander multif-fuel 
      stoves: Heat Calculator 

Q/. Stove efficiency?

A/.  UK building regulations set a minimum efficiency level for all new heating appliances which        is measured by an appliances ability to extract heat from a fuel and to deliver it into a living        area as useful heat. The minimum efficiency requirement for a dry stove is 65% without a
       boiler and 67% with one. However quality stoves are usually in the 75% + range.

Q/.  Wood fired or multi-fuel?

A/.  A wood fired stove is designed to run on wood only although there are now some  
      composite fuels that are suitable for woodburners. Multifuel stoves can run on either solid 
      fuel or wood. If using wood remember you should only used seasoned logs!

Q/. Defra approved (for smoke free zones)?

A/. You must use a Defra approved stove in a smoke control area if you are using firewood or
      non- authorised fuels. Non exempt stoves are restricted to using only authorised smokeless       fuels in these areas. 

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